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I have had the pleasure to do a job commission for the amazing 

Yonami ( Illustrator, gamer )

A little about Leona The Midnight Witch :)

She's the main character of the game projected since last year Yonami  has had  this chara since 2001, and started with a fanzine and comic story. Leona is a witch but, there's something that makes her different from all the other witches of her universe, legends says that this young witch travels over time and every day at  midnight . She arrive in other plans others epochs and learns everything about that civilization, participating directly and not directly of the progress of that world she travels in.  Leona The Midnight Witch is also  known as the time witch.

She's a  full sculpt and her dressing is half clay ( corset and hat  boots ) and the rest material

I have her base left to do, and she is completed :)




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