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Connie D'Angelo DiMichele





Growing up in the Montreal Canada,  I always had the desire to create using some sort of arts and craft form. Drawing,  painting,   sketching, I can go on forever. . . I am happiest, besides my family, and when I am  using my creative side.   

  My works are all inspired by a wide source of art forms, media and genres. And I always sculpt with feelings and emotions. I tend to sculpt my feelings right into my piece, and been told many of times that every piece I've created cries out a story.  Every piece I create comes deep from my mind, and soul. I have grown as an artist but continue to grow and learn more, with each and every sculpture that I make. All my PIECES are a One of a Kind 

To believe is to CDlite. . .


All of my creations can be seen in the gallery and under Past Sculpts. They are all original art works; hand-sculpted from polymer clay, baked and hand-painted.
Each one takes many days to create and no moulds are ever used.

I love to creating these mystical creatures  from my own  imagination. I do not look at pictures, but take the inspirations that come from my mind. At the moment, you can see my auction ebay.
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